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June 12, 2012



What's "AP flour"?

Kat at MuddysBakeShop

wow. I am weirdly turned on and hungry right now. I'm gonna stick my head in the ice box to cool down and then I'm Making This Cake.


oh hi there. i so want this and I just got a new bundt pan because my old one died (i know, what the heck!)


Jammy pockets. Those two words cause my mouth to begin salivating. And it's the best part of any cake, muffin or scone. Hands down.

GORGEOUS cake, by the way. *sigh* I might have to break out the hoarded frozen rhubarb and whip one of these up.


saw this in shutterbean's i love lists friday and made it yesterday. AMAZING. lemon and rhubarb are such a lovely combo!


What is that quote about throwing the purse in the street from? Hilarious!

heather @ chiknpastry

dang, i can definitely get behind this cake. or in front. or whatever. i really need to grab some rhubarb anyway :).

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