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January 31, 2012



I followed your advice to the letter and was astounded at the result. Thanks. Its the first time I ever had such success at sourdough bread. I must say it is not only visually stunning, but delicious when fresh.


Gorgeous. I look forward to trying this! I finally made another batch of starter from the Tartine book, but the one loaf I've baked with it tasted almost exactly like regular old no-knead bread to me despite my extra care with the folding and shaping etc. I haven't managed to replicate those enormous, pearlescent air bubbles since my very first batch of Tartine bread, and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong!


J, hopefully! Thank you for being so sweet. And the pan, OH MAN - A covered, mustard yellow handle-less enameled Irish cast iron low slope-sided pan, from Goodwill, mint condition. I'll take a photo showing it, top and bottom.

Chelsea, thank you so much!

Jennifer, GO FOR IT. You can't fail, it just takes time and if that doesn't yield results, just a little more time. I've found that it is pretty forgiving, and senses confidence, responding in kind. You can do it, no doubt.


Does this mean you're back now??!! This bread looks amazing. That crust!! And do tell me more about that pan. Love it.




Wow, that looks absolutely beautiful and delicious. The first time I tried making sourdough a few years back, it was a total failure. This gives me courage to try again!

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