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April 29, 2010



today i am thinking i'm lactose intolerant or a fucking pig for eating too much god damn cheese. that shit is addictive and i guess it didn't help binging on whipped cream on my strawberry shortcakes tonight.


Dude, I think you will love them! And I love you, you know that - I was so tickled to see the feature when I checked out the Kitchn.

No! And it is really not an issue, until I hook it up with ice cream or a big glass of milk - I eat yogurt and cheese on the regular, have milk in my coffee and don't have any issues. It might just be the amounts, like I don't decimate a 5 lb block of Tillamook Extra Sharp but I do eat a lot of ice cream when I eat it, or drink a big glass of milk.

One of my friends has like bad dairy issues, but for me it isn't even really an 'issue', but moreso a mild change I've noticed recently. So many words, I apologize. I'm going to change the name of this blog to "DAIRY ISSUES THAT LEAD TO DELICIOUS DISCOVERIES!".


oh sweetness! i heart you! and im gonna hafta try these goat milk treats!

do you have to take a pill before you eat anything lactosey?

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