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April 13, 2010



Typepad kept me from seeing these comments for ages! I'm sorry I'm late in replying.

Lauren, I thought about a salad table too! I live in Slug Land, and growing them directly in the dirt means I would never get a single bite. Container gardens are so much fun and so easy, and I found that certain things do even better in containers than in the ground - Peppers being one of them. They like to be planted in duos, and their productivity soars. Same with the smaller tomatoes. Did you buy plain potting soil? That is what I used last year, before reading that it was a bum idea, but you know what? All my container plants flourished and produced.

Kat, I wish I knew! I'm not from/in Spokane, just threw that out as as random PNW city. I'm sorry.

TBean, they're so good right now. So long, so so long and soft. I read all the reviews and people are pissed about the lengths of everything, but I LOVE it. And tomatoes - okay, so I bought a few new packets of seeds, a few new kinds and then I was like "I should just see if last year's are viable!" so I started every kind I had, at least 3 seeds of each (a rule I followed, and now wish I hadn't). Now it is crazy. I will only end up planting what I have room for, so like six tomato plants and then give away the extras. I'll post the list of everything I started soon, but Green Zebra is on there, so is Pink Brandywine, most of the stuff I planted last year, and some new ones I'm REALLY excited about - Carbon, which is this big 'black' (smokey purple) tomato, and then this Italian paste called Canestrino/Canestrano. I want to get my sauce on this year.


Missed the posts and the recipes!
I had big plans to do some gardening this spring. Ordered seed books, looked into csa's, thought about getting/making a "salad table" but in the end it looks like I'm just going to try some containers. I bought some tomatoes and lettuce but the wrong kind of soil -not potting mix so heading back to lowes
I keep trying yoga, it has yet to become a regular thing maybe one day.


Please tell me where to eat when I'm in Spokane next, after driving there from Seattle I need some grub!


dude! i just bought another boyfriend cardi from old gravy. LOVES it!
seeds are sprouting slowly...arugula is up but other shit isn't.
what tomatoes are you gonna grow this year? we need to be samies.

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