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February 23, 2010



my god, those look good. everything i want to write about these just sounds dirty.


For once, I actually have all these ingredients in my kitchen at once. Somebody is making cream puffs tonight! And with the stress of the husband and moving and all that other fun stuff, its even money about whether somebody gets to eat them or if somebody will be scraping them off his face.


I once heard Emeril pronounce this as 'patty-a-chew,' which is #1 submitted into evidence in my ongoing (imaginary) court case of Reasons I Do Not Like Emeril. BAM!

My mother, on the other hand, made these for us often, filled with a pastry creme and topped with a nice chocolate sauce, and we just called them 'creme puffs' or 'eclairs,' depending on the size. My own children are not as fortunate.

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