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January 26, 2010



I was swept off my feet by your description of both this cake and Jersey Shore. While I've yet to watch an episode (the DVR is on the lookout for me), I did try the cake with regular old orange zest (and dark chocolate in lieu of semi-sweet...), and it tasted absolutely wonderful. I did have a slight hiccup though, and that was the baking time. It was in the oven for 45 minutes and there was still a core of liquid batter in the very center, but the edges were dried out. Boo-hoo. Am I a numbnuts about loaf cakes, or did I miss something crucial?


i have that tiny plate too!


Linsey - the bond grows. Thank god for YOU.

Janelle - I LOVE chocolate and lemon together, strangely (Lindt's Lemon Meringue chocolate bar is delicious), so I would definitely try it, especially since you'd be using a Meyer Lemon (which has those great orange or tangerine notes in the zest).

Rachael - the tiny, no-handle mug that goes with it is what breaks my heart. They love you. They love YOU.

Heather Lynn - Are you serious? WAY TO GO. I do that all the time. Baking is the best procrastination tool out there. I'm sorry too. But this cake is so good.

Faye - thank you! The mug, which is way, way cuter from the side, has no markings but I bought it when I was out thrifting and it makes me so happy. It reminds me of Russel Wright's Demi cup mugs.


That looks amazing! Making shopping list *now.*

[And holy crap I love that mug]

Heather Lynn

It's almost midnight and I'm going to the grocery store to get clementines to make this now.
I have a paper due at 8 am that isn't finished either. Damn you.


Oh hello delicious cake sitting on a VINTAGE HOYRUP NYMOLLE VIKING SAUCER, I love both of you!


How do you think this would do with the zest of Meyer lemons instead of clementines? Meyer lemons were on sale at Costco and even I am getting sick of lemon bars (say it ain't so!).


Thank god there is someone else out there who prefers any other cake - the delicious ones, of course - to chocolate. THANK GOD FOR YOU. Amen.

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