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March 15, 2009


Rootbeer Racinette

I can`t even begin to describe how good these look!


Thanks lovelies.

TP, I do, but barely. I've got some other stuff percolating, but it was getting so random around here that I figured a nice recipe wouldn't go amiss. Thank you!

Tracy, you know I'll do anything for you.

Jessica! Thank you, what a kind compliment.

Patricia, I really, really liked them. Thank YOU for posting the recipe in the first place.

Supersue, I hope they live up to her standards! And I hope you both enjoy them. Thank you!


My parents are from Buenos Aires and I grew up eating dulce de leche on everything imaginable (toasted english muffin, slice of cheese, apples, large spoons). I'm going to make these for my Mom, she is going to flip out. Alfajores are her favorite thing in the world! Thanks for the recipe. Lovely picture.

Patricia Scarpin

Hey, gorgeous, I'm glad to find out you like these - they were a hit around here.

Photo is wonderful, too.


These look great, and this was incredibly well-written. Seriously, a gem of a post... I'm trying to figure out how many people I can cut and paste this to their facebook walls...


my mouth is watering. thank you for that.

the projectivist

you've got your bake back on!

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