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March 01, 2009



I bought a Victory Garden heirloom seed pack last year for $99 for 100 packets of everything to plant in my 10 foot by 7 foot plot. My broccoli crop fit in a tablespoon, but the Swiss Chard plants are huge. What the heck do you do with it...any recipe suggestions out there?


Haha, that's awesome! I had gardening aspirations once - I managed not to kill some roses, but I did somehow turn them blue. *shrug* I figure they are not dead, so that counts. Also, Hurrah for Fantasy Factory! :)


This fall I began having really involved conversations about the best kind of potting soil for my houseplants. It was then that I realized it was probably time for me to move out of NYC and back to San Francisco- a more gardening-friendly city. So, as the economy has failed and the job search stretches on and on, my container garden full of succulents is blooming. (Who knew succulents bloom? Not I.)


My landlord would probably let me commandeer part of the backyard for gardening purposes, but I have seen the raccoon/stray cat population in my town, and it doesn't bode well for outdoor growables.

So we're erecting shelves to maximize the space in front of my large kitchen window. Planning some bush cucumbers, a lot of arugula, radishes, small carrots, cilantro/Thai basil/parsley, lemon balm/mint (as soon as I can find some non-"spearmint" seed ), coleus, and my existing plants (spider, pothos, dwarf pomegranate).

Now, it just has to turn eeeeever so slightly towards Spring, and I can get seedlings started! I'm extra excited about growing stuff this year.

[And I totally decided HECK YEAH! VERMICOMPOSTING! right after I was here the other day saying "eh, I probably won't." And now I gotta' find some wormies.]

the projectivist

i had green fingers when i lived in Englerrland. not so now it would seem.

out there i would try my hand at anything, lavender (the sweet bunny-eared variety. that is not a latin name, but it should be), jasmine, sweet peas, poppies, climbing roses - there wasn't nuthin' i couldn't grow in my pretty courtyard oasis.

out here the sun just about kills anything as soon as i even LOOK like i'm about to stick it into a bit of soil!

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