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December 07, 2008



I ordered an initial necklace after seeing this post for one of my best friends. She adored it. Great find, thank you for sharing!


Tracy, you know I only push because I love. BUY IT. And tell me which one, so I can see.

Chelly, I have to physically restrain myself from ordering thing after thing. I'm glad you like it too!

Chelly D

Me, too. I LOVE this stuff. Thanks (I think)!


im like two seconds away from ordering a necklace! thanks bitch!


Susan, that is breathtakingly sweet and so sad, all at once. I'm so sorry about Jake - who sounds like he was a beauty. The necklace seems like it would do just as you said, be a comforting and beautiful gift and reminder for you.

susan black

Her things are lovely ... I said goodbye to the love of my life earlier this year - a big red senior golden retriever named Jake. I'm going to order her tiny initial charm necklace with the letter "J" for myself - a comforting and beautiful gift to me. Thanks for the great link(s). xo, S.

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