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December 08, 2008



Uh-oh spaghettios. 'Looks like there are more than 10 commenters. Good thing we're not storming the doors at Wal-Mart on Long Island.

I've never owned anything cashmere. (Gulp) Here goes. The holiday movie food moment that comes to mind that is IRRE-freaking-ZISTABLE is the restaurant scene (at Katz's Deli, no less!) in "When Harry Met Sally" when Sally shows Harry (and men everywhere!) that they've likely been duped when it comes to thinking (haha, no pun intended, seriously!) that they've given women the big O. And the old(er) woman at the next table goes, "I'll have what she's having."

I always think of WHMS as a Christmas flick, do you?
(sorry for all the parens!)


I second all the holiday movie food moments. All awesome! I wanted to add a personal holiday food moment to the mix. Each year, we have a beef dip appetizer on either Thanksgiving or Christmas (or both!). Anyway, the recipe calls for chopped pecans to be browned in butter before they are added to the dip. This particular year I was browning the pecans and got into a lively conversation with my mom, mom-in-law, and sister-in-law while doing so, and after a few minutes looked down to discover that the spatula I had been using to stir the pecans had melted and was swirling around with them in the pan. Not a silicone spatula, apparently. Not my house, but I hadn't even thought to check that. Needless to say, the pecans went into the trash and we started over. And it's become family legend.


I love when the Dad in A Christmas Story retreats to the basement to do battle with the furnace ... ggrrrhhhf*###**!!gggggrrrrrhummmmfff !#@**!?!

tee hee, xo Susan


Longtime reader but first time commenter! The cashmere got me. Who could resist?

My favorite Christmas movie moment is I guess one from a TV show. The Christmas episode of Mr. Bean- "Merry Christmas Mr. Bean" when he puts the turkey on his head. Classic.


I have to go with "We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup" from Elf, as he pours maple syrup over spaghetti. :)


Cashmere... mmmmm.....

My favorite holiday meal is my small family's tradition of ordering Chinese takeout on Christmas Eve. The tradition is, of course, inspired by A Christmas Story and until this year, was made even more special because we have always used the Christmas check from my Godparents. Last weekend, I attended my Godmother's funeral and even though the takeout will still appear on our table, it won't be quite as tasty this year.

My favorite literary holiday is from the Truman Capote short story, A Christmas Memory. I fell in love with his old auntie as they prepared to make fruitcake for everyone. My favorite part is when they buy the whiskey!

Heather in Ohio

I love the scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation where they're all sitting around eating this dry, nasty, turkey and one of the characters has to dip the turkey in her glass of water to make it edible. I just laugh and laugh and laugh when I'm watching that movie!


The minute I read, "Favorite holiday movie food moment," I thought of the Chinese Christmas duck scene in "A Christmas Story." My brother and I love it when the mom freaks and says, "It's.. it's SMILING at me!"

Favorite holiday food moment(s) are when my brother and I make horrifying leftovers sandwiches the morning after the big dinner. We pile as much as we can on French loaves and make the biggest, most hilarious mess ever. ah, I miss my brother.


ok. it's time. yes, it is time.

my favorite winter moment...? well, it starts sad, with a walk in the snow, declarations of feelings and... well, not rejection but not (verbalized) reciprocation. and, it ends happy, with a walk in the snow, declared feelings and wuv, true wuv.

corny, but true.


I love the scene in White Christmas when Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby are looking for a midnight snack and eat sandwiches 'round the fire before singing "Count Your Blessings."
And I love cashmere - this is a fantastic idea for a giveaway.


Oooh, I'd love to win a cashmere sweater and I've got the BEST food movie holiday moment ever. It's in the movie "The Shop Around the Corner" and I'll even provide the youtube link: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8hLd7UfWxzY&feature=related (it starts at 1:50 minutes in). Rudy, do you like chicken noodle soup? Well, you're going to have it Rudy!


My favorite holiday food moment was when grandma was sitting around cracking about 314 pounds of walnuts. At age 13, I took a small, post-shelled walnut, ate it, and she promptly said, "That's enough." Oh woe is the child of the depression!


My favorite holiday food memory is from my childhood. The day after Christmas my mother and I would always eat leftover Christmas dinner at the dining room table with the good china. The meal was just as fancy as Christmas day but it was just us and more than once we ate in our pajamas. It made me feel so special. My memories of these meals are more vivid than the Christmas day with extended family.


Last Christmas I spent with my Grandparents in Michigan, it was probably the first time I saw that side of my family all together in 5 or 6 years, particularly my Grandpa who doesn't travel much. The morning after Christmas while my mom, my grandma and I were pigging out on leftover pie, he did something that I had never seen before, he got up and poured himself a glass of buttermilk in an old mason jar and then shook salt on it and drank it for breakfast with his coffee.
When I got home I immediately bought some buttermilk, poured myself a glass, and shook some salt on it. And as much as I tried, really tried to like it, I thought it was probably one of the worst things I had ever had to drink in recent memory. I don't know why, but it always makes me happy to see someone eating something that might seem so odd to others, but it's obviously their thing.
-Also, I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your site for a bit now and I really like it, more often than not your writing makes me laugh out loud.


My favorite holiday food memory would probably be holidays at my great-grandparent's house, with the whole kitchen and dining room area stuffed full of platters and trays, the smoked turkey that my great-uncle always brought, the four pies (pecan, pumpkin, apple and chocolate mousse), my great-grandmother's homemade divinity -- and everybody eating all evening long, well after the meal was officially over, balancing plates on their knees and talking into the night. They both died within the last couple of years, so I know we'll never have a meal like that again -- it just makes the memory more special.


Has to be my abject horror at the line "I mean you shouldn't mix fairy tales with liverwurst and buttermilk" in the movie White Christmas. I love that film, even did the sisters dance from it at my wedding, but that one line - presented late at night in the cafe - always freaks me out. Can you even imagine a meal more terrifying?! Cured liver deli meat and chunky milk...seriously.


Oh my goodness, the part in Home For The Holidays where the family is fighting and Robert Downey, Jr. drops the turkey carcass on the bitchy sister's head--it's unreal. The best freakout EVER ensues.


I rather enjoyed the Chinese dinner in A Christmas Story . . . STILL makes me giggle.


I am up for a free cashmere sweater any day. Let's see... Every holiday my sis makes mashed potatoes with carmelized onions and loads of garlic I LOVE IT! It's my favorite food memory every year.

Also I love Mommy's little piggy in A Christmas Story.


Oooo you mentioned mine already! I love a Christmas Story. After the turkey is no more they go out for duck at the local Chinese restaurant. Those poor waiters trying to sing Christmas carols is classic. Thanks for the giveaway!!

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