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December 18, 2008



Summer Heights High? Is it bad that I wanted to punch Ja'mie King? She brought back so many bad memories from high school... absolutely destroyed years of therapy. And for the record this recipe makes me want some potatoes real bad.


Wow. I had no idea Americans even watched that (brilliant) show. Nice reference, and deliciously dangerous looking recipe. Puck you, miss!


Speaking of mounds of goodness, ever heard of hofflepoffle? (I think that's what it's called.) It's eggs, cheeez, cubed/fried salami, mushrooms, and magic. I had it at a tiny diner in a teeny town in wisconsin. Heaven in my mouth.


I'd like to nominate you for an Academy Award in the category of best use of deliciousness in a feature film.

Steph F.

Tapatio is part of my hot sauce trinity: Sriracha, Tabasco and Tapatio. Gotta say, Tapatio, potatoes and eggs can not be beat, unless, you know. You add avocado, cheese, bacon and sour cream. ohh, baby.

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