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December 06, 2008



Emily, that is exactly what it is. I can't believe I didn't make the connection (I've always associated kringles with fruit filling). Thank you so much for pointing them out.

Amanda, NICE. I'm 99 percent sure it was a kringle in my memories, does it match up with yours?

Amanda Boyce

I think one of my German friend's mom used to make this during Christmas. I have no idea what its called, but minus the nonpareils, it sounds like the pastry I had years ago.


Hmm the icing and non-pareils sound strange, but other than that what you're talking about sounds like kringle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kringle). I grew up not far from Racine and I bet you most of the population assumes that, like themselves, the dessert has German roots.

If it was the almond taste that bothered you but not the general idea, they're also very common in cherry, raspberry, and cheese. Yup, there go the pants, dammit.

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