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November 22, 2008


k a t

Your blog is peeing in my pants funny and as long as that doesn't change I would gladly partake of the opportunity to win a cashmere sweater. BUT if it means you somehow turn into "Real Simple" the blog, I'm out. Promise never to tone it down or bland it up and I'll read as long as you write.


Free things, yes yes.

Still don't know what to make for t-giving. Deb is taunting me with that bourbon pumpkin cheesecake thing...


hi bebe

pumpkin tiramisu (will blog the recipe)
creamed spinach
yams with a candied pecan topping

i've been thinking about Thanksgiving dinner since August. DAAAAMN!


T-giving is mom's show, but I convinced her to let me do desserts this year. Then I lost my damn mind.

So for SEVEN people, I'm making: Pumpkin pie with maple whipped cream, rustic apple galette, individual panna cottas in glass teacups with salted beurre de baratte caramel sauce, and two types of choux (mission fig and nutmeg cream, and plum and cardamom cream).

Also I'm bringing a surprise yukon gold gratin, which my mom will certainly not approve of.

Re: cashmere - yes please!


I'm attending a small potluck Thanksgiving (only 6 people), and we are somehow up to 2 desserts, at least 5 sides, 3 different cranberry sauces, plus turkey, wine, tea, coffee....

Yes, giveaways are always a great thing, but I love your blog either way!


We are going up to my Mom's house, and she is kind of a control freak in that she wants to make everything HER WAY, so I am just bringing appetizers. I've got some smoked salmon (regular & cracked pepper), I think I'll make some crispy flatbread/cracker things to go with that, and probably some sort of cheesy spread as well. Maybe some sort of spiced nuts too, and I know there won't be any oven room, so I've got to think room temperature or colder items. I'm also bringing the wine and the ingredients for a cocktail I saw online made with cranberry juice, Cointreau and champagne. But while I'm up around Chicagoland, I expect to stuff myself several times with some good Mexican food.

And oh, I look FABULOUS in cashmere, so hell yeah.


So, since there's free stuff involved, I'm going to take this opportunity to stop lurking/musing that you might be my long-lost twin. Yes, of course a giveaway would be lovely. In fact, if you want to just give those things to me, that's totally fine.

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