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October 19, 2008



no, not bagels.
but bialys!
so hard to find elsewhere. and even if you can, they are BEST from the LES.
Bialys are the food i miss most from NY.


I'd go for caramels or chocolate if you want food--lots of good places in NYC for that and it travels better than a cupcake (or even bagels). Or something from Chinatown (food or dish/cookware) that you can't find where you live.


Well, I was going to suggest H&H bagels, but OK, no bagels. I'd tell her to go to a good cheese place and ask them to pick out some cheeses that might be hard to find anywhere else. Even if it's not uniquely New York, it'll be damn good cheese.


OMG - we just had the Millionaire's Shortbread again back in September. My husband asked for it for his birthday treat. I don't know if we can handle another sweet/salty treat.

Hmmm. I would want fabric from New York. I had Lindy's cheesecake and it wasn't that great (made famous by Guys and Dolls -or at least famous in my head). Cupcakes - yes! Aren't there a bazillion cupcake shops there? Bring Martha Stewart home, too.

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