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September 30, 2008



Garnish might have what you need...



THANK YOU, guys. Thank you for the sources, confirmed or possible, and thank you for the offers, and the peer pressure to buy a case. If I do that, I'll end up packing up random condiment packages, just to feel like I'm using them in a timely fashion. "Take a box full of old checks and some foil balls. Do it. Please. Throw it out of your car window. Just take it with you, when you leave my house."


Go to the Cash & Carry in Southeast - it's on Stephens between 7th and 8th. They have weird hours, so you might want to call first, but they carry all of that restaurant supply stuff, and you don't have to buy in bulk.

I adore your blog, by the way.


Why not buy the case and save yourself the hassle next time you are sending food home with others? :)


I got some like the one you pictured at Michael's last December. They were great for packing up food gifts for my kid's teachers. They were sold individually and had a bunch of different sizes.


Ok, so I'm not commenting to recommend a source for non-bulk boxing or something, however, I am obsessed with your blog!!!! Your writing is superb and we are so much alike! I'm miniature in stature like you!

Keep up the good work, love it.


I'd actually try looking at Paper Zone. I know they have some boxes - like different colored Chinese takeout boxes, sold by the piece. They may have those, too.

mary r

I have the white boxes just like this in size #3- that i purchased in bulk- if you would like i could send you some..
otherwise- I have to tell you I have found them to be exceedingly perfect boxes for everything- from bringing cupcakes to parties to mailing bread, to storing things in etc. I don't think you will regret your bulk purchase- if you have room to store them. I purchased mine directly from a restaurant supply place- so I could view and try out the different sizes- they even let me take several sizes home so that I could be sure I chose the best one.


Is it really silly to approach a restaurant that you know has them? If you offer them a little over what they paid, I would think they'd be interested. They have to order them anyway ...

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