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August 19, 2008



Oh man, Linsey, yes. I keep on looking at these, now in the back of the fridge (the part where things freeze, literally) and wondering if when November/December kicks around I'll actually pop the tops and ring in the holiday season with botulisim. I'm your great aunt, by the way.

Kickpleat, yes! Thank you, that is exactly what I have planned, either vanilla or cinnamon gelato.

Kitt, that was unkind of them. Seriously. A big awesome jar of poison.

Stephanie, thank YOU and your BFF. I am so pleased you enjoy the site, and I am jealous of your apple butter skills. Please do keep reading.


Ok, so my best friend just emailed me a link to your blog, and I have been laughing so hard I'm actually CRYING and subjecting all the boys in my house who are trying to watch a preview for the new "Punisher" to lengthy segments from your ode to "Blue Crush". My favorite movie is probably "Bring It On." No joke.

I also found it funny that I got sent the link on the same night that I'm starting my very first canning project! I'm making apple butter. (I accidentally picked an 18 gallon bucket today. It looked like so much less in plastic bags.)

Keep writing, I'll definitely keep reading.



Brave soul. I'm sure it will be delicious.

I made my own sauerkraut and a commenter said it sounded like I'd made a "big jar of poison."


mmmm, those look too good. over a little ice cream perhaps? yum.


I may have to try this out for myself, although I never have understood what to d with canned fruit. My great aunt used to can stuff all the time and then it would sit in her basement with old issues of National Geographic and dusty six-packs of Tab.

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