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August 18, 2008



whatever you end up doing...save me a jar! i will be your bff!

my dad likes to mix red wine with cherries, put them in a fridge and let them sit for at least a week. then devour! it's especially good on top of ice cream with a little THICK aged balsamic.

i know it's not cherries...but when we were in italy we had some peaches with prosecco and mint! oh holy mother! you will have to try that too. I will make you!

Steph F.

I've tried making something similar based on this recipe from Blue Lotus:

And it was really lovely! De-stem, yes. Pit, no. She has a similar recipe for strawberry liqueur here:

But I think the plums are more similar to cherries in this case.


I have no idea, but do please let me know. Boozy cherries sound divine!

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