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February 27, 2008



I very quick way to make monkey bread is to use canned biscuits instead of making your own dough. I don not have the patience unfortunately to wait that long for something that looks this AMAZING! I am going to try to make this with canned biscuits and this recipe for the sugar mixture. Thanks!

Vegan Magic

I made this a year ago because it looked too tempting not to try, and recently it was requested by my family and I couldn't say no:) It's the best recipe I found for monkey bread. I'm vegan, so I veganized it and made just a few tiny adjustments and the monkey bread turned out soooo soft, fluffy and delicious:) I blogged about it and added a link to your page. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Adriana


mmmmmmmmmh..... This reminds me off an ice cream rolls recipe I have!


Thanks again, guys!

Stella, I'm not sure - there are directions if you want to bake it right away, 2nd to last paragraph. If you want to try it, I would let the dough rise overnight (glass bowl, covered with plastic) in the fridge - this would slow the yeast down and keep it from over-proofing. I would form the dough balls while the dough was still cold, follow the rest of the recipe, then allow for a warm rise (40 minutes), then bake as directed.

Let me know how it works out!


Can I let this dough rise over night instead of putting it in the oven for an hour... && then assemble && bake it in the morning?


i am contemplating making this...and im reading your recipe and I'm fucking in hysterics! shit girl.


The pit bull ate it too.


must have must make must eat wannnntttttttttttttttttttttttt


I made this gluten-free, oooooooh yum.


This is brilliant! I've been trying forever to find some sort of cinammon bun/monkey bread recipe that we could have Christmas morning that didn't require me to rise at 4 am. Thanks so much!

Dave Rasmussen

Can you make this with soy milk for us dairy-lergic people?


This looks amazing! YUM!


Thank you guys, so much for the enthusiasm this recipe received!

Linsey, seriously. I ate them so rarely, and usually only the small, square (andes mint-less) cheese/cracker/turkey ones, that each experience sticks out in my mind. Man. Man.

Michelle, it is on the way. I sent it in an old Burger King bag, so it might smell like The King and french fries.

Kitt, that one looks SO GOOD. So much better than the one we attempted, which was nowhere near as burnished and beautiful as yours. Now I want to try your recipe, and clear up the residual shame.

Susan, there are directions listed in the recipe (bottom of the second-to-last paragraph) for baking it right away as well as holding it over in the fridge for the next day. Hope the hungry boyf likes it!

Tartlette, thank you! I was hoping people would not think I was crazy for the comparison.

Thank you dudes, again!

Miss Sassy

Dang. That looks so good. I wish someone would make it for me. I'm baked out. Wow - I might quit my baking embargo for money bread.


There is only you to call it Midwestern Croquembouche and I love that!! :)


So..do you have to make this a day before? What are the steps if you don't want to cook it as soon as possible (my boyfriend is hungry!)? Do you just cook it immediately after its done? let it rise for an hour?




I haven't had monkey bread in ages and this one sounds better than any I've ever had!


Tried to post before but Typepad went kablooey on me. This looks wonderful, and I love that you used a regular dish instead of a bundt pan.

I make the cheater's version with frozen dough ( http://kittbo.blogspot.com/2008/02/monkey-bread-for-cheaters.html ) like Michelle's husband remembers. Hats off to you for having the patience to make it from scratch!


i'm going to get in trouble with this recipe! i love MONKEY BREAD!!

michelle @ Us vs. Food

i've never had monkey bread, as my fiercely italian mother regarded foods like this as abominations, and possibly also as liberal plots to give her in particular a heart attack. my husband has fond memories of the frozen bread rolls version, but with cinnamon sugar instead of pudding mix.

i reject both extremes, and respectfully request that you make another one of these immediately and fed ex it to me. your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated.


I think I could cry... it's lovely. But sadly, I don't get to eat it. OY OY OY. Stupid wedding.


Oh wow. I MUST try this! This weekend, preferably. Looks amazing.


Hilarious post and a to-die-for picture (oh yes, the pun is intended).


Oh Good Lord Baby Jesus, that looks tasty.

I can remember a time when a kid was nothing unless they brought a Lunchables to school.

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