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January 13, 2008




Michelle at Scribbit

Wow that looks fabulous!


Oh my goodness, did you see Deb's dulce de leche cheesecake bars today?!


Wow that looks good. Nice touch with the salt!


Thank you guys! I'm up late and checked comments for the first time in a few days; it is always awesome to see what you dudes have to say.

Deb, that is what I say every time I visit your site. I'm crushing on those carrots so bad.

Kickpleat, thank you! I stole it from my mom.

Ashley, the cake was delicious -- it is posted on Deb's site (above), and it is Grade A.

Patricia, thanks!

Melissa, my bad, but I feel you -- it is hard looking at it right now, because I feel like maybe I should just eat four or five of them everyday and forgo needed nutrients like zinc and potassium in favor of sea salt and refined sugar.

Mel, thank you for the compliment on my blog, and I will give you the short answer in comments, but a post containing the longer answer will hopefully show up soon: I use the 'P' setting on my camera, which is like manual with training wheels, hold my breath, mess around with ISO/White Balance levels, and then I usually mess with brightness/contrast in Photoshop Elements. I also take a lot of pictures, never use the flash (I set most shots up in front of windows/french doors), and I don't post the bad ones. 95% of my shots are 'Poo' too, don't worry.

Cakespy, you are awesome. You are just awesome.

Kevin and Dave, thank you, dudes!

Tracy, you know how I roll. We light it UP.


girl- if only could lick the screen. look at those vanilla bean specks!!


Caramel's awesome. That Suzanne Vega song is awesomer.


That looks really good! Nice photo.


That caramel sauce is making me crazy. And any mention of Suzanne Vega....when I was in high school a few friends and I had a short-lived band called "The Vegaries" which was a Suzanne Vega cover band. No, I am not joking.


ugh, your picture is making me jealous (i just made some macarons and my pictures turned out POO) - what kind of settings do you use on your camera and what kind of editing (if any) was done?

p.s. i just found your blog the other day and it is now my faaavourite.


Oh, man, you are torturing me with my desire for one. of. those. right. now.



Patricia Scarpin

That photo is making me drool over my keyboard. Seriously.


Mmmm caramel. And mmm caramel cake.


damns, you got some cute plates! that caramel sauce with salt looks simply amazing.

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