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November 24, 2007



Thanks guys! I hope your Thanksgivings were equally as good and successful.

Miss Sassy, I'm so sorry to hear that -- which recipes? I've always (knock on wood) had luck with Martha, but I know a lot of people who haven't. I wonder what the sticking point is. I promise though, her Pate Brisee recipe is really easy and good.

Oh man Carolyn, I think (but I'm not sure, I'll check and report back later) it is from the Macrina Bakery cookbook. It was delicious.

Jeanette, I will trade you turkey scraps for ham scraps. Seriously -- we're having a ham for Christmas, along with a Beef Tenderloin, and I'm PSYCHED.

Cecilia, YES. I love my food processor to unholy lengths. Glad to hear you do too.


martha's pate brisee recipe is the BOMB. and the food processor! why do some people even think about doing it by hand? goody two-shoes, all of them. i swear by my f.p.


sounds like a great holiday. i didn't make a turkey for our thanksgiving back in october, only a ham. damn, i think i missed out. i want that bird!

Carolyn J.

Babies are cute, yes, but pear and black pepper bread??? Where can I get the recipe?!

Miss Sassy

I'm so glad you had success! I did not with a couple Martha recipes and feel like quitting baking pies forever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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