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October 23, 2007


Pink Imp

What a super blog! Keep 'em coming :) The little apple cakes are what I am going to be baking next :-) and oh, Happy New Year!! :-)


Just made this. I used blackberry applesauce instead of regular. So delicious, thanks.


I am still so surprised whenever anyone comments on my blog -- thank you. I feel like I should call you all sweet doves or something like that. Canaries. Thank you.

GIG, thank you -- a thrift store find, and I was so psyched to be able to use them for something.

Lisa, for sure. This was fleeting, it has died down thankfully, but it was one of those ones that was deep and full in high school and I guess the embers hadn't died down. My whole body was like southern California all week. Now we're cooling down. Thanks, low pressure system.

Patricia, thank you!

Beth, we totally stand together. Baking For Distraction. Meetings every Wednesday at the Grange hall.

Cakespy, thank you! I'm flattered you clicked through, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

Oh choice, Smitty! You made my day -- I'm glad the recipe didn't poison anyone or burn your house down. I bought my applesauce at a local Whole Foods style store, and it happened to be both adjectives. Otherwise, feel free to use an applesauce that fits either of them.

Gabreial, anytime!


Holy cow those look yummy, I'm a sucker for apple anything. Thanks for sharing this recipe!



I ran home and made these last night, brought them in to the office this morning. The icing was surprisingly good, despite the lack of good old butter, and the cakes smelled divine. They were a fall-time hit at work. Couldn't find chunky and unsweetened applesauce in the same jar. Where did you get yours? Oh, and thanks for the fun recipe!


I just came across this blog through a link on another one (I was curious about the name!). And what a reward! What beautiful photography for one thing...that frosting looks as sweet as your crush!


Another person that bakes when they can't stop thinking about someone! But yeah, I know the feeling. And these look fantastic.

Patricia Scarpin

Your photos are so beautiful, L!


Mmmm, a crush in fall. I think that even beats the crush in spring -- the crisp air, the sharpness of the light, that sense of everything teetering on the brink before winter's misery... ahhh.

The cupcakes look good too. I love apple cake.

Get It Girl

Heart the plates! Just in time for fall!!

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