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September 14, 2007



i hate getting offers from companies and just ignore them. this summer i wrote a bit of a rant on my other blog about that sort of thing: http://thesmalljoys.blogspot.com/2007/06/ad-free-zone.html


I got an offer from Blogher ads, but I don't feel I have enough traffic to produce much in the way of income to balance out the annoyance for my few readers.

Now, maybe they wouldn't be all that offended by ads, but I'm not fond of them myself, and block all I can with Ad Blocker on the sites I visit regularly.

If you were barely scraping by and really needed every extra penny you could get, or had thousands and thousands of visitors, I could see where it might be worthwhile.

Miss Sassy

P.S. Loved your story about your sisters. I have two sisters, too, but am the youngest. Still out of touch sometimes, though!

Miss Sassy

Sadly, no one has offered to put ads on my blog. I think this is because no one reads it. Wish I could help.

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