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September 20, 2007



Way to go, team. I've said it before and I'll say it again, let's meet out back for more discussion. I'm so psyched I'm not alone in these sort of memories, and that 'Kid Nation' was watched and wept over by other people.

You are all fantastic, and I am so flattered when I read your kind, commiserating and witty comments. You're the best. Meg and Joanna, I'm glad you liked (the taste) the cookies! They do spread, quite a bit, and they're a thinner cookie so I don't think you did anything wrong, Joanna, I forgot to mention that in the post. Tiny abandoned child gangs with cowboy hats got the best of me, for sure.

Emily, I have no idea but it was the top fantasy for years. And childhood books totally perpetuated it. I never read the boxcar children books, but I still have boxcar dreams. "We'll just live in one. It's like a studio apartment, on wheels. In an abandoned lot. Wild dogs."

And for those who asked, Skor, Heath, whatever, both completely work.


I love that picture. You don't really see milk in glass jugs anymore. I made these cookies this weekend and though they tasted good, I think I made a mistake. Mine spread a lot and were super thin. I think the butter must've been too soft. They still got a thumbs up from the boyfriend and his co-workers though!


I made these cookies last night and they are awesome! The only change I made was baking them in a jelly roll pan...I didn't have time to make individual cookies. Yummy.

Miss Sassy

Oh dang. I never even heard of Kid Nation which means I've entered a new age bracket or something. Your review seriously cracked me up.

Onto the cookies. Thanks for sharing a recipe that will incorporate my husband's and my recent obsession with Skor bars. Does anyone know why Hershey makes two toffee bars and one is actually better (Skor)?


Mmmmm the cookies look excellent. Kid Nation I am pretty sure will come and go without my having turned it on, but that goes for most teevee so that's OK.


Your cookies are one of the best I have seen!


Ha ha! I still want someone to punch that council kid with the cowboy hat! I was bummed when they won and became Upper Class. We'll share the guilt if someone finally does take him down. And can you believe the tiny council girl actually said, "I'm a beauty queen, I don't do dishes"?? Oddly enough, I made Dorie Greenspan's peanut butter oatmeal chip cookies and ate them with some milk while watching Kid Nation. I guess it's a good show for comforting cookies.


That is one crazy funny post. Brilliant.

And the cookies? Yum.


Oh man! This brought back all my Boxcar Children memories. What is it about childhood that makes kids so desperately want to be surviving on their own in some way?


I have a TV, but it doesn't actually get any reception. Sometimes reading your blog makes me wish that it did? Anyway, the cookies look great.


yes, i too watched kid nation last night and jimmy (the 8 year old crying behind the building) was my favorite! i was sad he left because he seemed the most together of the kids but at the same, that's probably why he left...smart cookie, pun intended. i can't wait to make these cookies and i really enjoy your blog!


Wow, what a post! I couldn't watch Kid Nation last night because having three kids, I couldn't bear to imagine them all alone like that having to fend for themselves in a tiny copy of the society we live in today. On another note, those cookies look absolutely, incredibly delicious. Chocolate-covered toffee candy, mmmmm. Think I could use Skorr? It's my favorite candy, and I would never have thought to use it in a cookie!


I swear I'll make the cookies this weekend, but in the meantime, I just have to say that I think you are completely hilarious and awesome. Every single post of your makes me either laugh maniacally or want to cry (in the good way, you know: "tiny tear!") or actually sometimes both. So, you know, thanks.


I love reading your blog and I check it every morning. I think you are an amazing writer and these cookies look divine. I'm afraid if I made them I would carry stacks of 8 or 12 cookies back up to my desk at home where no one but my dogs can see me eat them.

So for now I'll resist.

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