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August 19, 2007


spa soil screening

Nice we have similar hair experiences going on right now.


Nice recipe. I especially like the fact that it uses both vanilla extract as well as vanilla beans! Usually only one of the two is used.

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You guys are great. Fancypants, way to raise self-esteem levels. I'm so glad the recipe looks appealing and that you guys didn't think that the authorities needed to be called after reading the caption on this (and all other) photo.

Emily, right now bobby pins are saving my life. I could set a sparrow's leg with them, or save myself from haunting shame. They seem to save the day every time.

Nadd, how awesome! I'm totally impressed, and wish I had that kind of fortitude and skill.

Thanks again, wonderful ladies.


I can't wait to try this! I've never had any "luck" with cheesecake but I am looking forward to trying this! Tiny fig bones! ha ha ha ha I'm telling every one dessert is cheesecake and bones! Are the eggs suppose to be room temp? YOU ARE THE BEST, EVER!


Looks like nirvana.


You know the kinds of people that are so cool, they don't KNOW they're cool? That's you! Hmmmmmmm cheesecake........


i won't be a jerk and tell you it will grow out. but isn't good to be able to take comfort in cheesecake and gain strength from ingesting the bones of figs?


Mmmm sounds like we have similar hair experiences going on right now. And I wouldn't wish that on anyone. The cheesecake sounds perfect, I'm emailing my mother the recipe for her birthday. I mean, besides a real present. Um.


I think your picture captions are my favorite part of your food blog! "Those could be seeds. But I like to think they're tiny fruit bones. Little fig ribs." "Or vertebrae."

Wonderful! And "SICK" ...meant as a total compliment... like the statement made by a group of teenagers when they saw my son's new black/flouresent green, skater dude type sneakers..."DUDE! Those are some SICK shoes!!!!"


The Three Cities of Spain Cheesecake is my go to base recipe as well. I use a whole vanilla bean and I keep the sour cream topping and I was convinced to make my own graham crackers for the crust once, and now I'm addicted!

I have a shipment of black mission figs coming tomorrow and this has definitely inspired me.

Elisa Leone

tiny fig bones!! I look forward to employing the medical attributes of your wonderful vanilla bean cheesecake (anti-depressant of the month)-when the weather cools enough down here in desert land. I can no longer read any other food blog, you rock!

Patricia Scarpin

It looks so good! I bet those figs go well in a number of other recipes, over ice cream, with yogurt... Yummy!

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