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August 23, 2007



Oh my god! Yes! Everything I read today I want! Including this!


Oh, you're killing me here. I absolutely covet these pecan sticky buns that the fab bakery by my apartment makes. In fact, I won't even let myself go in there on weekends, and I won't even try making them, for fear I might lose all self control when faced with them. Seriously. And whats worse, I even have the Foster's Market cookbook and I love the sound of that dough.

Oh, and I had a crazy roomate at summer camp who was this crazy 16-yr-old organic food nut whose parents were gun-toting NRA members, and she always ate the Kashi with the scary smiling people on it. The whole thing still makes me chuckle...


Oh you and your food porn! This completely makes me want to throw caution to the carb wind and bury my face in the stickiness!

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