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July 12, 2007



I made these last Christmas, to give as gifts along with the gingersnaps and toffee I usually make. I know I get sick of all the sweet stuff at holiday time, so I thought it would be good to give something savory too. I almost ate them all by myself, they're so good. I used rosemary instead of basil, and sprinkled them with kosher salt. Yum.


Tried these over the weekend and they were wonderful! My problem with them is I could eat all of them!!


I'm with you on the raunch. Who are these people who can make the heat work for them? The girls in movies and Axe commercials, the ones whose tans glisten with sexy sweat? Heat make me feel fat and sticky, and very much like bludgeoning these movie people.


If you like the idea of savory cookies, note the Browned-Butter, Lemon, and Caper Biscotti and the Orange, Pistachio, and Black Olive Biscotti in Martha Stewart's Hors d'Oeuvres Handbook.

They're a bit more work than these, as they're supposed to be baked twice (you can totally skip that step, though--the sky won't fall), but they're pretty good.


I have made a similar recipe for years, except mine calls for blue/roquefort cheese, chopped walnuts, a bit more pepper, and the addition of 2 egg yolks, but basically the same preparation.

I have always served them at wine parties as well. Next time I will make these too. They would be insanely good together.


I've been wanting to make these for so long, and I'm glad to see that someone has. I was concerned that thought they're called a cracker, a shortbread texture isn't exactly the kind of thing you could spread cheese or spread on... like you said. Still, I love the idea of making desserts savory and pairing them with wine. (I've been wanting to make savory rugelach with herbs, onion jam and dried apricots for some time, but my husband thinks I'm crazy.)


yum! a hot snack i can get behind.


How much flour is needed?

Patricia Scarpin

I have never thought of making savory shortbread - these look wonderful!

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