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June 01, 2007



I love Buffalo China too... recently got coffee mugs of my very own! :) The weird thing is, though, they leave stains everywhere. Dark stains... and the cups are WHITE. Anybody else have that problem? I put cocoa or coffee in them (I realize those are dark liquids), they don't seem to drip or leak, and then I get stains on the counter or table (happened once on each place) that don't come off! yet if I spill coffee or cocoa on those places the stains wipe right up. Even if they've been sitting for a while. I find this to be the oddest thing...


Thank you, Deb! I'm so flattered you that you left a comment -- thank you for sharing the recipe, as it was stellar.

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who bakes when it is hot out. Seriously. I was beginning to think it was an admission better suited to Taxicab Confessions.

Bakerina, YES. Good Butter. Every home should have some.


I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels the urge to put the oven on when the weather becomes positively kiln-like. It's supposed to hit 90 in New York tomorrow, which means it's time to make this crisp, and then cut my own personal Howie's hair with pinking shears. (If he balks, I'll remind him that we're in a legally-binding relationship, and, uh, he *has* to let me do it because it's the law.)

The European-style butter is a very nice touch. Everybody laughs at the scene in The Simpsons where Homer makes a pencil holder out of the butter in the fridge and Marge says, "Homer, was that my good butter?," as if the notion of "good butter" were risible, somehow, but I know that Marge knows of what she speaks. I'll bet she turns out a swell crisp, too.

Patricia Scarpin

I would give in too if I had these ramekins. What a wonderful excuse. Great results! :)

Delaney Gates

Oh yummy!!! Love your allusions to happy childhood thoughts as well. :)


What a great idea. I love sugary crumbly toppings... on pretty much anything, but especially on fruit. Yum.


Love the adaptation, love the tagline, love the ramekins!

I bake when it's hot out too, even though I know it's ridiculous. A girl can't live on raw food alone.

Miss T

This is very bad. I not only need berry crisp now, I need some Buffalo China.

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