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June 20, 2007



i think it probably just was my oven, because i left them in for an extra five minutes and they turned out perfect. i think next time i'd just bump up the temperature a bit. just wanted to let you know they did turn out in the end! quite yummy too!


"Extra Gills mean Extra Flavor"....I LOVE it! Keep up the great cookies and humor...and glad you had a good father's day!


One of the loveliest things I've read here- your openness is touching and your sentiments on family resounding. And of course, the cookies look fab!


Love. Your. Blog. Only downside, now as I wander around the button down law firm that I work for I am constantly saying "I'll frost you like a mutherf*cker!" under my breath. Getting fired will be a small price to pay for being exposed to greatness such as yours. Thanks for exposing yourself!


Ladies, thank you so much. They were a happy accident, for sure, though I still have a soft spot for the "original" version.

Nadine, I'm so sorry things seem to be going wonky! Yes, 300 degrees is the correct temp -- this recipe, and my original one (linked in the post) is based on the Neiman Marcus recipe, and that temp is called for. But we all know ovens can say one thing and mean another -- I've never had issues with the temp before, but if you bumped it up to 325 I'm sure there would be no carnage or suffering. Depending on how your oven bakes, and you would know better than I, you could leave them in longer and just check (through the door/oven light on, if possible) every five minutes or so. I hope things work out!


only 300 degrees? i tried these today and after ten minutes they were almost just as doughy as when i put them in. i've put them in for a few minutes again now hoping that makes a difference. i've never baked anything at 300 degrees before, so i wanted to double check that that is indeed the right temperature.

Never teh Bride

Thin and chewy? You had me at "Hello."

Patricia Scarpin

L., what a fun post!
And these cookies look so great - I haven't made choc chip cookies that turn out thin like these. Time for me to try!

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