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May 18, 2007



I did frame one of them, once- I remember it was "dried chilies of the world" It was when I was first married, and we had no money. The cookies do look good. Good enough for Santa?


Those looks look fabulous! But I have to say, the worse mac and cheese I ever made (inedible!) was from following a Cook's Illustrated recipe to a T. I've had some other major misses with them too for savory foods. They seem to have desserts down though.

nina roux

this cooks illustrated recipe is my go-to recipe for sugar cookies - the best I've ever tasted!


Girlfriend! You left me in the lurch! They sounded so delicious that I and the five year old set to making them only to discover no cooking temp! We're gonna try 325. Is that right?

ps This in no way affects the love I have for your ever-delightful blog.

Patricia Scarpin

These cookies look so good.


If I hadn't totally overdosed on baklava this afternoon, I would totally be making these!


I love Cook's Illustrated! I have every magazine since the first, plus the old "Best Recipe" cookbook and the updated version. Gooood stuff. Fun reading about how everything goes together and why, and I agree on the illustrations. The pictures on the back of each magazine always amaze me, too - I keep meaning to frame one of those.

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