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April 19, 2007



I am right with you on watching "Just Friends". Bring it on! Of course watching it with one of your cupcakes would make it even better! I am off of sugar and when I can get back on it (in about 40 lbs lost from now), I am going to make one of your recipes and fall over from sugar shock! It will be so worth it! I love reading your blog. I haven't decided which recipe it will be, but believe me, I read them like the prayer books they are! Little messages from heaven!

Miss Sassy

I feel honored that you looked at my King Cupcakes seeing as you have the prettiest cupcakes around. Thank you. Giant pan is from Wilton--can be found online or at Michaels. It is cheap--something like $7.99. Was just wondering outloud to the mister if I could make individual bread puddings in the cups. He shrugged.


Your blog just makes me smile everytime I read it...its good because today I was really down. Those cupcakes look great! I love the idea of adding coconut!


I would say you've broken my cardinal rule about carrot cake- that it should not contain fruits, especially canned pineapple, or raisins, of any kind. However, those are so gorgeous, I'm going to allow it. But just this once.


Sassy, your cupcakes are Gi-gorgeous. Enter them in a contest at once -- everyone else will withdraw, weeping. I'm totally jealous of your giant pan.

I'm so glad the salt lick bars were edible (and I was just about to answer your comment on the original post, of course you can post and/or link to the recipe on your blog, I'm flattered). I usually just let the caramel go until it is golden, thick and reminds me of melted Kraft Caramels, adjusting the heat and lifting the pot off of the pan, stirring constantly too, as I go. That's so unscientific.

Ren, the cupcakes ease a lot. They really do.

Miss Sassy

Just when I thought I was cool with my cupcakes:


I see your beautiful ones. And Carrot Cake at that. Dang. Thanks for sharing. I'll be making these for sure.

Made your Salt Lick Bars. They were delicious! How long do you give the caramel?


hmmm...sounds like what i am going through...i think i need cupcakes...STAT!

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