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April 05, 2007



okay, so your blog is absolutely hilarious & fabulous- I love it! And the video with the llama at the dentist,eeks! That is a very vivid childhood t.v. memory I have of watching that exact clip- what an amazing thing to find it on your blog- it's fun to read, and great recipes!


I want to collect all five of you and form you into a superstar Girl Group, who sing songs about self-esteem and wear coordinated outfits from Old Navy, circa '98 (Tech Vests). You are that superb, all of you. Thank you for the kind words.


YUM! Looks delicious - as always!


You are hilarious! Love your recipes and the daily dose of giggles your posts give me. :)


gaw! not possible. you're getting funnier by the baked good. making the salty bastards this weekend. thanks for the laughs...


you are the caption queen! and your pictures are heavenly.

Mary Beth

Hah! While my monitor didn't appreciate the coffee shower it received while I was reading your post, I certainly enjoyed it. I'll try to resist putting something pink atop grandma's head this Easter...

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