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April 04, 2007



Kickpleat (By the way, I love your blog), I hate bananas too, a lot. The pie is just as great without them, though in the pie they're barely noticeable -- they just take the edge off of caramel. Let's share Stephen Merchant. He's tall enough to be loved by two. If you cut him in half, you would have two men who would probably still be taller than Tom Cruise.

Mercedes, I am wearing a face guard as I type. Yet to step on the ice, but I heed all warnings.


Love the 'smoldering' comment. Be careful with the figure skating though, those blades are dangerous!


that pie looks blissful...until i saw that it's chockful o bananas. oh well. stephen merchant is one tall awesome man and now after watching extras i can't look at a whisk in the same way again.

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