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March 25, 2007



Could this post have a better title? Nope. Definitely couldn't. And the cookies look fantastic too.


Wende, I do! Not with these, because the pre-bake finger flattening insures a pretty even spread, but some of the "puffier" recipes I use totally require a drop or rap against the rack -- I usually just lift the edge closest to the oven door and drop it. Brownies and bar cookies, too. And sometimes, depending on how dense I need them to be (flourless chocolate, carrot and the like, cake layers.

Miss Sassy and Val, thanks! Val, I laughed so hard. Crunk cookies. Little John, come on over and I'll make you a dozen.


Hmm... these look suspiciously like the reason I'm going to be wearing a larger pant size this spring.

Ok... question, do you ever "drop" your cookies mid-bake? I hung out with professional bakers when I was in college and a couple of them swear by this. Halfway through the baking time, you pull out your tray and drop the tray from a few inches back onto the baking rack. Then return to baking.

Miss Sassy

Dang these look tasty.


I read the recipe as "Chocolate Crunk Cookies". You should name them that anyway. P.S. I love your site.

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