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March 10, 2007



Can't wait to make.


Wow. I think my heart just stopped with utter excitement.

gina gina and the cult jam

does this shortbread stand alone confidently? or does it get all shy and nervous and crack under the there's-no-one-to-carry-me pressure?


OK, made these to bring to a friend’s house this past weekend, and they are fab-u-lous. I used Valrhona bittersweet chocolate on top and it was close to too much but not quite – that little pinch of salt sprinkled on the hot chocolate layer as it cools really did the trick. I’d like to try it with milk chocolate for sure. However, I think you left something out of the instructions – how exactly do I get these to pay MY bills? Because I still owe Con Edison a little something for all that heat they were nice enough to provide last winter, and that would certainly help.

Miss Sassy

Hey - can I post your recipe on my blog? I tried it out this weekend and want to post my results. Delish, BTW!


Thanks, dudes! I'm glad you've enjoyed both the blog and the recipe, Meredith!


I am drooling, seriously. Yum!


I just found your blog last week and saw this recipe, which I made over the weekend...salt lick bars are my new favorite thing!

Jessica "Su Good Sweets"

Mmm, these look great. I'll be coming back again for sure. Love your blog.

Miss Sassy

Dang. These look awesome.

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