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March 14, 2007


Agnes Thomsen

Do you grease the baking "bowl" and lid before heating it in the 450 oven? When you say "flop the dough inside" do you mean flip it in on its head or scoot it off the parchment, dusting flour and all?

Do you have an explanation for the 17 hrs "rest in peace"?

How come your first loaf is so beautiful??
What do you have against Tupperware or Thai food containers?


i just laughed so hard. i had the exact same sentiments way back when. My first batch was fantastic. Everything else...not so much. It's like heroine...chasing that high. That dragon...or so I've been told.

im gonna try the Cook Illustrated one...the second i decide that eating carbs is good again. Or when I feel like I finally have a good 20+ hours to babysit bread.

it was such the rage this bread...do you think that dude every made money off of it? I did see Martha do it on her TV show. That blew me away.


i agree with your sentiments when i made this bread. I was on a high for like 2 weeks and told everyone I know about it. It's the fact that you can make something sooo wonderfully tasty...and you didn't have to buy it.

i love the crackle sounds it makes when you pull it out of the oven.

Miss Sassy

As promised, I am reporting on my second loaf. It did just fine with the smaller amount of yeast though it isn't as pretty as yours. I let it rest longer than the 18 hours and it did fine. If interested, here is the link:


Miss Sassy

I'm on my second loaf tonight (will be ready tomorrow). I'm worried about my yeast now as you are using a bit more than me - I only used 1/4 tsp. Will have to update with how it turns out a light year from now.


Ive read alot of instruction on how to make this No-knead bread and I must say, yours is the best! Nice job.. I wasnt bored at all..


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