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March 15, 2007



There's a trick to cutting bars. Learned this when I worked at a Mrs. Field's shop a long, long time ago. Make the bars and make sure to go on the slightly less baked side. Let it cool. Stick the whole pan in the refrigerator until everything is firm. Remove the whole thing from the pan (here's where parchment paper underneath might help), then plop onto a cutting board. *Then* cut the bars. Easy, and they come out picture perfect.

Of course, this assumes that you make the bars ahead of time (I know, crazy thinking here). But that's how you do it.

Oh, and your site rocks!


Your website is freakin brilliant. Of course, I'm about to be five pounds heavier, since I'm a classic first born brown noser who follows directions and will undoubtedly eat every one of the salt lick bars. You know, because you said so!

I'm off to express blogging love by linking! :D


totally loving your site - you've got my three favorite things ... butter, confectioner's sugar and sarcasm!

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