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July 23, 2010


Piper and Potato Blog

i want to eat everything here.

my landlord keeps checking on and judging my vegetable garden. it makes me feel bad about myself.


i'm blaming those shrimp scampi pizza breads on my 5 lb weight gain this summer. Yes- all that pizza. So worth it though! Love your little roundup! xo


New post!
The tomatoes are starting to come in. I'm glad they worked out because the lettuce did not. I think next year I'll really try to get a table for them.
BoB like the song, I saw him once on carson daly in the middle in the night months ago so it's cool to see he's actually making it. Not into SYTYCD this year and I usually love it but I usually just watch now to see who's going home.
These recipes look tasty but I'm trying to lighten up this summer the rice salad and tomato salad might work though!
I did make a "light" blueberry cobbler over the weekend from the cooks illustrated. No weird ingredients and it was really good.


I'll be waiting for ice cream but those sugar cookies? Let me sandwich some ice cream between 2 of those, thank you very much.

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