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March 10, 2010


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Guys, thank you. Linsey, too much. Too much. Jessica, I would watch that show all the time. Get Marc Ruffalo on there and I'll watch that show from the home in the set I've secretly carved out for myself, before being taken into police custody. J, I hope you make it! SERIOUSLY, so good.


oh my, i've been waiting days for this.


hooooollllly shit. first of all, i have the same fantasy but about amy sedaris. and it also involves her and i co-hosting a martha stewart-style show on which mo rocca makes regular appearances. second of all, if i don't make this as soon as possible my head will explode. i think i had an eye-roll thingy as i was reading the damn recipe.


Oh man...I adore you. You know that. You are brilliant and you don't write a single thing that I ever believe is imperfect. ACES.

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