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April 23, 2008



This looks like the quintessential pancake recipe! Delicious! I'd gladly take one in the face (all the closer to my mouth!)


All of you mothas are invited, and you don't have to bring your own pajamas. Because I have eighty-seven pair just hanging out, folded, underneath the couch.


looks soooo delicious!


'To me, Hospitality is about being a pusher -- indulging your friends and loved ones' vices and bad habits in a different setting, where guilt is left outside with dirty shoes.'

I agree wholeheartedly. I'm a chronic feeder of my friends. However, I typically get over-ambitious and end up locked in the kitchen while my friends hang out in the living room. I like to think they're comfortable.

Carolyn J.

Hey, can I come stay with you? I like my pancakes on the flat side. Write that down.


jesus beezus, those books are the best. and pancakes, too.


I'll totally come to that party! You sound like a hostess of the highest pedigree.


Some walnuts?! haha hilarious... I think that pancakes were the best things about slumber parties when you were young. Piping hot with melted butter and sprinkled powdered sugar and 100% maple syrup waiting on the sidelines, they are a diabetics nightmare.

Patricia Scarpin

Those pancakes look so good. Fluffy and delicious.

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