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February 12, 2008



i'd love to hear one of your drunken voicemails....


Those muffins look beautiful. And I love that mug as well. :]


Oh Wende, you are lovely. I will try my hardest to live hard, with vulgarity and regular embarassment, for both of us.

Kitt, Emily and Stephanie, thanks! The mug, unfortunately, is a second-hand gift with absolutely no markings of any kind, interior, exterior, on the bottom, no signature or manufacturer. I wish I knew more, and I hope that if anyone reading does recognize it, they'll help us out. Because I want another one, too. I love it.


I read this with such glee... I consumed it. Moist and viable, your writing always makes me breathless.

And in this case, really, really glad to be so old I don't even bother.

I'll live vicariously through you, m'kay? :D


Love the mug!!! You have to tell us where you got it;)


Heh. Heh. I feel your pain. And that mug is incredible, can you tell us where you got it? (I mean readers, not the royal we.)


Wow. You should write hungover more often.

Great-looking muffins, too.

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