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September 17, 2007


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The tiramisu looks wonderful- I sympathize mascarpone can be pricey, a good substitution is half cream cheese half sour cream.


My recipe is virtually the same, except I use either rum or marsala for the liquor, depending on what I haven't already drunk up. The Starbucks sounds great though, you know, if I was able to buy it in this dinky, one-grocery store town.

But I'm confused. You spring for 'free-range, veg-fed eggs and whipping cream with no stabilizers' and then cave to regular cream cheese instead of mascarpone? I beg you to reconsider. The mascarpone takes it to a H...N...L.

And this dessert is worthy of only the best.


Oof - that sucks. But Ned is right, it will be funny someday. (Hopefully sooner, rather than later.)


I've done the same thing, showing up a day late. A year ago. It still isn't funny, but maybe it will be someday.

That tiramisu looks amazing.

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